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Meet The Experts
Ferdian Tobing

Ferdian Tobing

With more than two decades of culinary mastery, Chef Ferdian Tobing has intricately woven a tapestry of flavors across prestigious 5-star hotels in Asia and the Middle East.
His imaginative blend of traditional cuisines has revolutionized the culinary landscape. A true maestro of harmonizing tradition and modernity, Chef Tobing stands as a revered figure in the realm of Indonesian gastronomy.
Chef Rikky

Rikky Yohanson

Having embarked on a global journey that encompassed Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Chef Rikky Yohanson is a genuine expert in the realm of pastry. 
His years of dedication within 5-star hotels and resorts have culminated in creations that blend flavors and cultures, transforming desserts into a form of art. Chef Rikky has etched an unforgettable legacy by infusing innovation, fervor, and a touch of enchantment into every plate he presents.
Bar Manager

Bagus Maulana

An award winning bartender and esteemed cigar aficionado.
His method seamlessly merges creativity and precision, resulting in cocktails that narrate tales and bridge cultures. Having secured an impeccable history, including a gold medal in a mixology competition, he remains committed to consistently stretching the limits of mixology and guest experiences within the realm of luxury hospitality.